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TCS Mock Test Series - 2014

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Need of Greatness:- Really greatness lies into fundamental qualities during major social changes, when men act from their deepest instinct values and sacrifices. It is imperative that we realize that greatness or leader-ship begins when they with the following trends and is bestowing with full faith, keeping in mind that human beings, by change the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of the lives of general masses; such is the cause of needing greatness in general life.

History of greatness:- The word greatness is so highly spirited and widely  spread over the world that its values and effects on the masses changed from time to time, religion to religion and from states to states. Once it was known that the hand that rocked the cradle ruled the world and was made known as great( Its simple meaning is that mother or her order ruled the world and her justice prevailed with greatness). Then it was known that he who abides his elders with faith and sacrifice can become the leader of religions and sometimes the representative of Almighty.

From the time Immemorial ( kings ruled over states became great after getting states widened with invasions and victories. But after class struggles  of Continental mercantiles, it was felt that kingdoms could be ruled without kings with the help of great-people in collectiveness with their sacrificed deeds. Result was that freedom waves spread and greatness changed its values.

With the social democratic actions and formation of parties, greatness were known with their specific fields of great deeds. But drastic actions of greatness emerged in scientific inventions and scientific management.

After world wars  scientific mass production of materials for mankind’s comfort came in vogue, greatness changed its name from sacrifices, noble actions to social gatherings, social- democratic parties and social patterns(based on mercantile O.P.M – other people’s money and pencil whipping) in ruling other states. But after prolonged ruling by great parties greatness changed its paces from nationalities to social welfare by means of merged companies of stocks  and shares markets and has come to a stage when irrespective of profession, creed, religion; if one knows to please others with behavior, sacrifices, flattering and connections with high heritages, he is one of those, who can be great with his investment, connections and exchange of nearness to ruling parties, came through tactics of vote borrowing.

Now time has come to understand what is greatness in real sense: - It states with the changing of the inner attitudes of minds, can change the outer aspects  of lives of masses. The top principles                    have been tried to be imposed. These are known as  top ten principles for evoking greatness

Ø  Intention → desire to action.

Ø  Awareness → non critical witness of your thoughts.

Ø  Attention → thoughts brought in to action.

Ø  Appraisal → quality of life to be effected.

Ø  Acceptance→ sets the stage for forward motion.

Ø  Belief Expansion →develop healthy questioning mind, stimulate creative imagination and make belief expansion.

Ø  Self  Acknowledgement → it brings you loss and willingness to see your greatness.

Ø  Replace  Technique → direct your mind for inspiring thoughts of meaningful intention thus cancelling negative thoughts.

Ø  Dynamic Meditation → The forms of dynamic concentration opens the door to deeper state of consciousness which reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

Ø  Congruency → When you meet spiritual principles with your mental ones, you come to         realize that all limitations are self imposed and your potential is truly unlimited and useful which may be great.

The above ten principles are mixture of old and new themes

Old theme of greatness:-

                     I.           Let your creed be equality (Think all equal rights).

                  II.           Conquer yourself to conquer the world.

               III.           Be melodious or great and yet be silent.

New themes of greatness :- Now the time has come when an average man can rule over intellectuals with his zealous aggressiveness named as greatness. But understanding of greatness lies in sacrifice passion which is used as a gauge for measuring greatness. Now the question arises “Can a man sacrifice his integrity, honour freedom and undependable thoughts”.But these attributes are supreme possessions which are precious and become difficult to forge and so self cannot be sacrificed.  In another example it is un-sacrificed such as Mahatma Gandhi floated his shoulder covering ( which was only) in flowing water in a stream towards a needy and self became calm and peaceful. Thus submissiveness becomes the basic key in greatness of mankind.

On a line if sacrifice is on one end point and altruism or submissiveness is on the other end point, then center of line becomes greatness or leadership.   

Opposition to become great: - Originally greatness deserves its name from great deeds but every such thought of deed is and was opposed through with the centuries of           creations such as case of making fire from stones, inventions of wheel, engine, motor, plane or the method of ruling a state without a king. Such artists received hatred and had to stand alone.

Creativity and its Virtue gauge:- But above all the men of unborrowed  vision went ahead and won ultimately after receiving sufferings of opposition. The creators’ truth was his only motive and really was great. A man’s spirit is his self having his own vision, strength, courage in the form of entity which is his consciousness. Creators lived with ego but were not selfless. Everything we have, come from a single attribute of a man ie, egoful individual mind where as there is no such thing as collective- thought.  Independence is the only gauge of human virtue but its value lies in between his self and others.

Rule of second handers in happiness :- The only good which men can do to one another is “hand off” in pursuit of happiness or collective opposition to excessive extremity actions. But now collectivism is the rule of second handers collectivistic is the monster which is broken loose, and it has poisoned every mind. It is gulfing our sacredness of truth which leads in greatness.

Need for greatness:- It is said that men develop brains when they failed in everything but they possessed love to achieve truthful independent creation, may be at the cost of egotism which remained in their minds with a connotation of brilliance, courage and idealism. They thus get rid of personal superiority after being in a state of calmness, saneness, and passion with which they step forward; is love.

Contrast conclusion: - Contrast between mean and great will not be in its advantage and loss. Creators have in mind, what shall it give profit to a man if he gains the whole world and loss when he loses his soul. The answer they give is; in order to be truly worthy, a man should collect souls. Then they do not live people who are poor in spirit but they like just the poor. Then they become gentler, quieter milder and more considerate. They thus do not become aggressive-zealot and do not occupy revolutionary theories. Their scholastic record become superlative and is recorded in greatness. Great person are with unhurried curiosity towards examination, justice and decision. They extract joy from what was intended for, in a selfless way. So greatness is based on passion curiosity and love whereas love is elusive.   

Is Freedom Really Free?

People in India enjoy the freedom of living in a democratic country. Most of the times ignoring the responsibilities conferred by the rights provided by the constitution of India. Our Constitution endows people with the right to equality, right to freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural and educational rights, right to constitutional remedies and right to information in lieu of very few duties. But this is not true for the rest of the World.

In many parts of the world, things that are very common in India are considered illegal and are punishable.  Some of such laws are:

·         If you love chewing gum then you should never visit Singapore as Chewing gum is illegal there, even bringing gum in the country is a serious offence.

·         All the ladies kindly read this before going to Greece, as it is illegal for women to wear high heels in any of the ancient monument in Greece.

·         It is for all the Indians around, that spitting in public is a criminal offense in Daytona Beach, Florida.

·         All those people who have ever fed Pigeons on Gateway of India should never try doing so in Venice as it is illegal feeding the pigeons in the country.

·         Attention all the beautiful girls, In France it is against the law for women to wear pants and it is allowed only while riding a horse or while on bicycles.

·         Has your light bulb fused and you are ready to change it fell free as you are not in Victoria, Australia, as changing a light bulb without a licensed electrician in the country can lead you in jail.

·         On a Sunday morning you found that your toothpaste is finished and you wish to buy a new one and just got the idea to change the toothbrush as well thank God that you are not living in Province, Rhode Island as it is illegal to sell toothpaste and toothbrush to the same customer on a Sunday.

·         Have you ever stepped on a coin and picked it up and feel lucky you will not feel the same if you were a citizen of Thailand as stepping on currency is a legal offence and a police man observing you on the street will catch you and you will end  in jail.

·         Is accessing Internet a daily core or stress bursting activity feel blessed that you are not in Burma, as accessing Internet in Burma is a punishable crime.

·         And take a deep breath and relax that you are not in Bangladesh as children aged fifteen and older can be put in jail for cheating on their final examinations.

Phew! I am sure after reading the diverse laws in different country you are happy that you live in India. Now it is our duty to can understand the importance of Freedom we enjoy in India. And thus this is the time to fulfill the duties that come along the rights and to ponder on the idea that ‘Is Freedom Really Free’

HR Interview Questions for Freshers

1.      Tell me something about yourself?

2.      Describe the ideal job.

3.      What type of supervisor have you found to be the best?

4.      Why does this role interest you? Or why have you applied for this job?

5.      Why do you think should we take you for this job?

6.      Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

7.      What contributions could you make in this organization that would help you to stand out from other applicants?

8.      Where do you see yourself five years now?

9.      What sort of criteria are you using to decide the organization you will work for?

10.  What made you choose this college?

11.  List 2-3 of your greatest achievements since you've been in college.

12.  Which subjects have you enjoyed studying the most and why?

13.  Which subjects did you dislike and why?

14.  Do you have plans to continue your education?

15.  How would a professor who knows you well describe you?

16.  Given the chance, how would you alter your education?

17.  Tell me something about your Interests.

18.  What are your strengths?

19.  What are your weaknesses?

20.  What sort of serious problems have you experienced, and how have you handled them?

21.  Do you or have you in the past experimented with illegal drugs?

22.  What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

23.  What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

24.  How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

25.  Can you work under pressure?

26.  Are you willing to relocate or travel?

27.  What makes you angry?

28.  What motivates you to do good job?

29.  Give an example of your creativity.

30.  How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

31.  Would you lie for the company?

32.  Who has inspired you in your life and why?

33.  What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

34.  How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

35.  Do you have any question for me?

36.  On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer?

37.  If you won ten million dollars lottery, would you still work?

38.  Tell me something about our company.

39.  How much salary do you expect?

40.  Describe your ideal company, location and job. 

References:  www.freshersworld.com, www.indiabix.com, www.btechpioneers.in, www.llinterview.com,     www.interview-made-easy.com, www.coolinterview.com    


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